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Sonia is a wife, mother of 3 children, and grandmother of 6. Sonia was brought up by a single mother who taught her the value of a good education and being independent.

Sonia has owned multiple businesses, from a Hotel, Restaurant, and Bar to a software development company. Orbit Software was founded in 1998 to provide school districts BusBoss, software for planning their bus routes. Sonia is a dedicated, proven leader experienced at keeping her employees and customers happy while running highly efficient and cost-effective businesses.

After working for over 40 years, Sonia is ready to commit to working with her community in these changing times as a mature, collaborative professional leader.


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Why should you vote for Sonia Mastros?

Sonia Mastros, President of Pottstown’s Orbit Software, knows the value of both education and experience. The challenges of early motherhood and economic hardship as Sonia came of age in her native Puerto Rico led her to earn her own way to a new life with a college degree and the purchase of her own business, Orbit Software.

Life experience taught Sonia the value of education. Her family’s entrepreneurial tradition—with both parents and many of her siblings being small business owners—taught Sonia the value of mentorship. And, for years, Sonia successfully maintained her business by drawing on both, in turn.

But Sonia wanted more, for herself, for her business, and for her community. Sonia relished the independence that entrepreneurship provided and saw in her business real potential to impact her community, both as a job creator and as source of mentorship. Sonia’s own life had been a journey, and her business a gift.

She wanted to “pay it forward” by growing her business, multiplying job opportunities in her area and allowing her the opportunity to mentor more employees.

Sonia is an avid golfer, was the president of her women’s golf league and former finance chairperson at her church, knows the value of community involvement.